It Doesn’t Always Work

I wanted to write this blog post because I've said it before on my social media pages but I can't quite always convey what I mean within those limited characters so here's the doesn't always work. Yes I post these lovely photos and videos of the games I play with my children, and they … Continue reading It Doesn’t Always Work


Five Quick Ideas for Rainy Days

Oh yes. The rainy days are back. Remember that spell in summer where it didn't rain for about 2 months? Seems like a distant memory now doesn't it? During those hot, hazy days I wrote a blog post with five quick ideas for fun in the sun. Well, here's the return. Things you can do … Continue reading Five Quick Ideas for Rainy Days

Five Conker Games

Autumn is here...hurrah! I love autumn. Crunchy leaves, cold crisp sunny days, beautiful trees, the smell of bonfires in the air, a reason to drink hot chocolate again. Bliss. Last week Florence collected quite a few conkers on a trip to the park, and it got me thinking. Surely there are lots of easy, quick … Continue reading Five Conker Games

Starting School

Well, it's almost upon us. For some of you in Scotland and Ireland it has already arrived. How is it going folks? Starting School is daunting, exciting, emotional and a big logistical change to a routine you've probably had for a few years now! Over the past month I've been posting on social media a … Continue reading Starting School

Letter Reaction Wall

So as you might have seen I've hit the heady heights of 10,000 followers, and a friend asked me if I cried as the number ticked over from 9,999. I didn't cry then because those figures, although lovely, don't really say much. Probably quite a lot are those robot things that follow you hoping you'll … Continue reading Letter Reaction Wall